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Videos about the networks of schools in Sofia city

The first video on the right side of this page shows an interview with Mrs. Svetla Dimitrova, head of department “Inspection, organizational and methodological activities” at the Regional Inspectorate of Education in Sofia city. This interview presents her opinion, expectations and impressions about the activities performed so far by the network of schools in Sofia, established within the framework of the project. Also, what is the role of Sofia Inspectorate in the school network and in the project? Finally, it focuses on how Sofia Inspectorate prepares for the forthcoming polycentric inspection of the network of schools scheduled for April 2016.

The second video is about a meeting of Sofia network of schools held on February 9th 2016. The main purpose of this meeting was to reflect on schools’ self-evaluation done by the 10 schools within the network. Further, scheduling of the peer-evaluation of the schools (March 2016) and the polycentric inspection of the network (April 2016) were discussed.


Research instruments Bulgaria

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Study findings Bulgaria

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