Paper: The Dutch Inspectorate of Education

The quality of education is an important theme for people working in the educational field, students who are getting education, the Inspectorate of Education and all other stakeholders involved in education. Currently in the Netherlands, the structure of the management of schools considering inclusive education has been changed. Schools are now grouped into networks of schools that have to solve issues concerning inclusive education together as a network. For example, the “SWV 23-02” network of primary schools in the Eastern part of the Netherlands contains 179 mainstream schools and schools for special education, which have about 36.000 students. The main objective of this network is to arrange inclusive education.

The introduction of these new networks of inclusive education has consequences for the supervision of these networks by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education. In this paper, the situation concerning networks of inclusive education in the Netherlands will be outlined first. Then, possible consequences of the new structure of networks concerning its supervision by the Inspectorate of Education will be explained and researched in more detail. The aim of this paper is to describe the extent to which the Dutch Inspectorate of Education adapts the inspection approaches to networks of schools.

You can download the full paper here.

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